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Hehe, I really like this! It really helped me get into the halloween spirit. the human versions of holidays is quite nice and overall was enjoyable if a pretty simple animation.

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I genuinly love you guys who worked on this. This is complete and utter genius. We should try to get as many people as possible to share this on the KONY2012 facebook page.

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Why does everyone relate this too invader zim..?

I personally barelly see any influence from invader zim in this at all. I've studied jhonen's style and I don't think this look like any works of his at all really, if anything it looked more like riddle school mixed with reddit alien. If the style was more squared and disturbing looking I'd say it's jhonen's style but saying that this was "blatently copied" from his style is a massive stretch.

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Dude, FUCK. I mean just FUCK dude. What other word can describe this. It's like if you took the web comic sweet bro and hella jeff into a video game and was serious about it. I mean just how HIGH do you even have to BE to make something like this?

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Sight and sound,

Jonbro for the 2 seconds that this game lasts, I love it. The tweak that you made on "Blue sky" sounds way better than the original and I absolutely love the artwork, my only gripe is that riddle school 5's artwork wasn't nearly as good, I also find it amazing that you actually fit this crappy little "game" into the riddle school story-line. I also found the character deaths hilarious.

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"You are so dumb! You're really dumb!"

This is a great parody and the artwork was good and I actually like the fact that it's so short and not actually a game because It keeps it funny.

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This is one of my favorite songs of all time! Thank you for making this!

Kingbastard responds:

no problem:)

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Really liking this little guy. Reminds me highly of the game "machinarium" which is great compliment really. Though I feel his proportions are a bit cliche for a cutsie robot so minus one for cretivity. Love the rest though.

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Hoboweasel responds:

Haha, yeah. I understand what you mean by cliche now. I originally was just sketching whatever came to my head and I had the idea of a robot that was more like a giant camera with the body of a lanky child (note the backpack). Thanks for the compliment.

Amazing style!

This would be a great anime, the picture itself is just breathtaking also! The colors, the detail, and each character already has a lot of personality. It looks very professional.

P.S isn't it a little weird that none of the comments on this are rated as helpful?

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I love love LOVE your style!

YOur style of drawing in this piece is just what I've been looking for! I've been working on a comic and I've been trying to find a style as a base for it that was creepy yet could pull off being funny, I was originally going with a Johnen Vasquez inspired style but this is so great! Thank you for the inspiration.

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