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Dude, FUCK. I mean just FUCK dude. What other word can describe this. It's like if you took the web comic sweet bro and hella jeff into a video game and was serious about it. I mean just how HIGH do you even have to BE to make something like this?

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Sight and sound,

Jonbro for the 2 seconds that this game lasts, I love it. The tweak that you made on "Blue sky" sounds way better than the original and I absolutely love the artwork, my only gripe is that riddle school 5's artwork wasn't nearly as good, I also find it amazing that you actually fit this crappy little "game" into the riddle school story-line. I also found the character deaths hilarious.

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"You are so dumb! You're really dumb!"

This is a great parody and the artwork was good and I actually like the fact that it's so short and not actually a game because It keeps it funny.

could use some improvements.

This is a nice quiz but it could use some improvements. It did'nt ask about skills you have or what you where bad at but other than that I'd say it's pretty nice.


Fantastic game I beat the whole thing in one sitting! But was I the only one that noticed how similar this is to the original doom game? It's not a bad thing I just noticed. Definitely worth playing.


Dude your a jerk! You're definitely NOT doodles. Doo created this and put it on his or hers site and judging by your other animations you are not doo and here is a link to prove my point they're the ones on the top.
http://doo.nomoretangerines.com/nevho od/artorigs.htm

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This was a very silly little short I loved the Shoop da woop hope you make more soon!

Dreadful glitch...

There was a dreadful glitch where whenever you are on the waterpump and fall offf it wont let you go on the the board with the stone on it. but what I did play was awesome!


Great game can't wait for the sequils! I got a score of 11430! Great game very original and all around amazing good job!

jjwallace responds:

i am working on a sequel right now... its going to be sweeeeeett..... thanks for playing


Great job instafave! Very inventive and original I completely love it!

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